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We are excited to announce THE LAUNCH of our NEW Fine Arts Club!. Dance | Yoga | Fitness | Music | Art | Drama
Kids Fine Arts Club

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What is the Fine Arts Club?

All- inclusive program for children ages 2-5 years

Allows children to develop a social skills and talents at a young age

Children participate in dance, yoga, and fitness classes and music, art & drama

The goal is to enhance each child’s overall development by advancing gross and fine motor skills and improving social, cognitive, and emotional awareness

Let your child develop their confidence, imagination, and creativity today!

Client Testimonials

Hundreds Of Happy Dance Families

My daughter and her friend joined this summer and were welcomed by everybody. It is a really supportive and positive environment and they have both improved phenomenally. The Dance teachers push them to do their very best in class and they have made lots of friends. They are proud to be a part of Visions Dance Academy and cannot wait to grow more as dancers.
Dance Studio Matthews Testimonials
Jo Malone
This is the third studio we’ve been to, and it’s by far our favorite! My daughters love dance and always get excited to go each week. You can tell they’re serious about dance at Visions, but still provide a supportive and caring environment for the dancers. We will be starting up again next week…can’t wait!
Dance Studio Matthews Testimonials
Leslie Mason
I have been overwhelmed with how well Visions Dance Academy has adapted during the COVID pandemic. Classes were quickly transitioned to Zoom (with passcodes to protect the children). My 8 year old remained engaged, classes were interactive, and new techniques were taught. Once able and safe, classes returned to the studio with an online option. As a physician, I can attest that the hygiene and efforts made to keep the children safe were as good as what we are doing at our hospital. The annual dance recital was converted to recording each class and making a video. The work of the year was rewarded!! I’m very impressed with Visions Dance Academy!
Dance Studio Matthews Testimonials
Heather Ross Tarantino
We love Visions!! Both my girls have made so many friends and it just feels like family! The instructors are wonderful and know our girls well. Our girls have improved 100% since starting at Visions and they love it. Unlike anywhere else they’ve ever danced!
Heather Ferguson Howell

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