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What Our Clients Say

We love being a part of the Visions family! My daughter has taken dance at Visions since she was 3. We’ve found it to be a super fun learning environment, especially for young beginner classes where they make dance exciting for little ones! My daughter is 7 now and has grown so much- from an itty bitty singing on stage to being a part of the youngest competition team. She has learned about hard work, team sportsmanship, and technique in the last 4 years! We highly recommend Visions Dance Academy and love that it is a family run business

Natalie Lodato

We were at a different studio for 10 years before finding Visions Dance Academy. Visions treats my child like family, not just another dancer and another tuition fee. My daughter feels genuinely loved when she walks through the door. Her sister dancers have become family. The teachers and staff have taken the time to get to know my daughter as a person, who she is, what she loves, what she doesn’t AND they have made her a better dancer by giving her equal opportunity to be at the top of her dance game. I love that every student at VDA from the youngest to the oldest, is given the same opportunities. We love the heart of family that beats at this studio. We have been at VDA for 6 years and we have found our forever dance home.

Amanda Bay

My daughter has been dancing at Visions since she was 4 years old. She is now 10 and a member of the competition team. She has progressed so much as a dancer and we truly have an amazing dance family at Visions!!! Thank you for all Y’all do!

Lindsay Toscano

Terrific studio with a close knit family vibe. The teachers are knowledgeable and focus on dancer development. Good mix of recreational and completion classes. We’ve been very happy since joining the studio in 2015.

Tony Alvarez

We love Visions and have been at this studio for 4 years. The teachers and staff have been so caring. My daughter loves coming to dance and has met some of her best friends through dance. It feels like a second home!

Jennifer Reilly

My daughter has danced here since she was 2, now she’s 5. Every single day, the first thing she asks is if it’s a day that she gets to go to class. The owner, teachers, older dancers and other parents are so welcoming and loving. You can tell they take pride in truly caring for their students. 10/10 recommend.

Erin Sholette


This is an awesome dance studio! Our daughter attended a summer session and we are committed for the school year because she can’t wait to go each week!

Elizabeth Drenth

Visions Dance Academy has been so incredible. I have 5yr old and 3yr old daughters that have been taking dance at Visions for a few years and I can not say enough good things about this studio. Owner, Cindy, is always welcoming and helped keep us excited when our oldest first started and was a little scared, now she wants to do every camp and is on the dance team. My girls love Ms. Taylor, Miss Shannon and all of their instructors; everyone is so sweet, energetic and just plain awesome instructors. Plus, dance camps are incredible! I would highly recommend this family-owned dance studio!

Mikki Moore

We love Visions!! Both my girls have made so many friends and it just feels like family! The instructors are wonderful and know our girls well. Our girls have improved 100% since starting at Visions and they love it. Unlike anywhere else they’ve ever danced!

Heather Ferguson Howell

I have been overwhelmed with how well Visions Dance Academy has adapted during the COVID pandemic. Classes were quickly transitioned to Zoom (with passcodes to protect the children). My 8 year old remained engaged, classes were interactive, and new techniques were taught. Once able and safe, classes returned to the studio with an online option. As a physician, I can attest that the hygiene and efforts made to keep the children safe were as good as what we are doing at our hospital. The annual dance recital was converted to recording each class and making a video. The work of the year was rewarded!! I’m very impressed with Visions Dance Academy!

Heather Ross Tarantino

This is the third studio we’ve been to, and it’s by far our favorite! My daughters love dance and always get excited to go each week. You can tell they’re serious about dance at Visions, but still provide a supportive and caring environment for the dancers. We will be starting up again next week…can’t wait!

Leslie Mason

My daughter and her friend joined this summer and were welcomed by everybody. It is a really supportive and positive environment and they have both improved phenomenally. The Dance teachers push them to do their very best in class and they have made lots of friends. They are proud to be a part of Visions Dance Academy and cannot wait to grow more as dancers.

Jo Malone

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